Waratah Flower

Waratah Flower

This is the Waratah Flower, one of the most powerful and fast acting of all the Healing Essences. I call it the ‘survival Essence’. This Flower helps to heal depression, for those going through the ‘black night of the soul’.

This wonderful fast acting and strong Essence helps with feelings of hopelessness, black despair, feelings of suicide and an inability to respond in a crisis. It gives the strength and courage to cope in a crisis bringing one’s survival skills to the fore while amplifying as well as enhancing those skills!

An extremely powerful and important remedy in these stressful, challenging and changing times. This Essence is for emergencies and challenges and only needs to be taken for four or five days. It brings courage, tenacity, faith, adaptability and enhanced survival skills. Can also help treat glaucoma.

Many clients come to me in various states of despair and depression and this is the first Essences I reach for to help them out of that dark tunnel we can all get stuck in within various stages of our lives. This is by far the King of the Essences in my experience and I would highly recommend this for anyone suffering from depression.
TO ORDER WITHIN AUSTRALIA (price includes shipping):

One Bottle

Two Bottles

TO ORDER OUSIDE OF AUSTRALIA (price includes shipping):

One Bottle

Two Bottles


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