These drops have and are continuing to really help my son improve in his language skills since he is delayed in this area. Almost immediately after starting on these drops, he is different and he is more confident and his vocabulary increases! I dont care how or why it works,,,it just works….thanks Susan for being there!

Kim Chastain (United States)

Absolutely wonderful essences i am blown away by how different i feel withing such a short period of time. Thank you for the consultation i feel i have found a good friend. I highly recommend this to all my friends and you good people out there 🙂

Bettina (Ireland)

Oh my goodness Susan. I don’t know how to thank you. This BEAUTIFUL Essence – Boab – has been dramatically shifting my life experience. In just 10 short days of using this Essence, I am amazed at how many things have actually changed – seemingly without any effort on my part. Some of these things are small – for example, a bright light that my neighbor has been leaving on all night long beaming brightly into my bedroom when I try to sleep, suddenly after 3 years is no longer on all night!!! That is amazing. But even more amazing is the fact that ongoing, decades-long, incredibly difficult tension with my mother has seemed to lift quite dramatically. I have done a tremendous amount of work in the last 10 years to get conscious of inter-generational family patterns, especially as concerns prenatal and birth trauma. A lot has become clear and a lot of healing work has occurred during that time, but difficulties still persisted. Now, with the help of Boab, it feels like the energetic roots of these patterns are being cleared away effortlessly. It is truly amazing how easily things are shifting. I have been marveling at the beauty of how easy it can be.

I can’t thank you enough Susan. This is a miracle Essence for me. I am THRILLED with the results. Australian flowers rock! And so do you.

With love and appreciation
from my heart to yours,
Jeanice Barcelo
Long Island, New York

I had been seeing you for many moons until that one reading when you exclaimed ‘are you fertile, you are, you are very fertile at the moment’. To which I replied in delight that I was pregnant, so then began our journey to bring this beautiful soul into the world.

First you helped me through the early stages of pregnancy which can usually be the hardest. I had started to feel a bit tired and nauseous at around 9 weeks. 48 hours after taking my first lot of essences, and for the remainder of my pregnancy, I did not once feel sick, exhausted or scared. I was bursting with energy and happiness. I was actually looking forward to going into labour, which a lot of women are highly anxious about. It was the essences that I was taking, and those that I knew I needed to take at the onset of labour that put me into this mindset and ultimately prepared my body. I had complete faith that my experience would be nothing short of incredibly amazing.

If only you were there for the birth of my first daughter, Mackenzie. I was induced with her and was in labour for over 24 hours taking every drug under the sun. It was a difficult birth and the pethadene that I had affected her, something I still think about to this day. Mackenzie was born 6.6 lbs and I needed to recover from stitches and bad bruising.

In complete contrast, under your care, my second daughter Mia was 9.8 lbs, came into this world naturally, free of drugs, and me, free of any stitches or tearing. Mia is an extremely content baby and I really couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I am so so incredibly blessed to have found you Susan, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Michelle Clancy
Melbourne, Australia

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! After meeting you 12 months ago, I’ve always thought that I need to help you spread your message so you can help others and thought the best way for me to do that is to write you a testimonial. I really do hope that you can use this, in part or in it’s entirety, whatever you like.

Firstly a big thank you for taking the time to explain the benefits of bush essences initially and the impact that their vibration can have on our lives and in turn OUR vibration. Admittedly, I was a little sceptical at first, however, had heard great things about you and your essences so thought I would just try them out.

My first experience with your essences was at a time when I recognised (and admitted) that I wanted and needed help to come out of my shell and increase my confidence levels. Amongst a friendship group that spans decades, I admitted to you that whilst we were all good friends, I felt on the outer, always chiming in occasionally with an odd joke here, or comment there (just so they knew I existed), but never really participating in our get togethers.

I can assure you that feeling this way is now a thing of the past. The very first time I met you Susan, during a tarot reading, you told me that the transformation I was about to embark on would result in me not recognising the person that I was that very day. You were right on so many levels, it’s hard to fathom.

I walked away with a bottle of essences and commenced the journey to become the woman I truly am.

A month and a half after that I caught up with my friendship group for dinner and there I was, without a word of a lie, commanding the entire groups attention, driving the conversation the most part of the night…. Every one of them were dumbfounded by the change in me, to the point that they still talk about it now. Not only didn’t I recognise me, they didn’t either! It was one of the most amazing nights and I finally caught a glimpse of the woman I wanted to be. This confidence in myself and who I am has stayed with me since, at home, amongst friends, with my family, at work and with strangers.

You’ve since helped me with energy levels, matters of the heart, exploring my creativity and most recently my relationship with my mother and my daughter.

Your essences have had a profound impact on my life, and in turn the lives of quite a few of my friends who have since discovered the power of bush essences.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Nature’s Soul Essences, I would encourage people at every opportunity to make contact with you directly so they too can realize the benefits.

From the bottom of my heart I mean every word Susan…. You’re a true treasure!!! Thank you, Forever grateful…
love Leanne Marsden
Melbourne, Australia

I used to have no confidence and couldn’t stand up for myself, I was also quite shy, withdrawn and felt quite lost. I was actually generally depressed and had no drive or ambition. A friend had recommended Susan to me so I went along not knowing what to expect. She explained what the Essences were so I thought I’d give them a try, as at that stage I had nothing to lose.

After about six weeks, I really began to feel a lot stronger like I had finally found my feet. Now, everything seems so much clearer, I have clarity about my own life and life in general that I hadn’t felt for years. I have a lot less stress in my life as I now have the confidence to do the things I never would have attempted before and find it easier to say ‘no’ which I had a problem with in the past. A bottle she made up for me called ‘Boundaries’ saw to that!

I also feel like I’ve released a lot of baggage from the past and am much more able to move on to focus on my future. These Flower Essences have changed my life for the better. I would recommend them to anyone seeking balance and healing in their lives.
— Kristy Cantwell
Melbourne, Australia

I really didn’t think anything could help me, I thought I just had to ‘live with it’. Then I discovered She Oak through Susan’s magic! Nature’s Soul Essences has changed my life. My initial reaction was ‘oh ok, I’ll give it a go’. Thank heavens I did!

I lived with hormones that monthly gave me headaches, bloating and sore breasts – I am now completely cured! Just try She Oak for one month, you will not regret it!
— Jane Clancy
Melbourne, Australia


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