She Oak

She Oak

She Oak helps to balance the hormones and can bring about a sense of well-being in females. This Essence also helps deal with the cause of infertility and removes the personal blocks that can prevent conception.

Often one of the reasons women don’t conceive is because of dehydration of the uterus. Many people can be dehydrated even though they may drink a lot of water, She Oak will help the body to properly utilize water. It helps to clear mucus blockages in the fallopian tubes and regulate normal menstrual cycles if they tend to be sporadic.

Helps to treat hormonal imbalances including fluid retention, premenstrual tension and because it helps with dehydration can have a wonderful affect on the skin. This Essence will also balance the testes in men.

A truly miraculous Essence that after a decade of searching I now cannot live without. She Oak will balance the hormones without the negative effects of conventional HRT, regardless of whether you are experiencing menopause or not.

For rebalancing the hormones start with seven drops morning and evening until you feel more balanced and symptoms have lessened greatly, after that one can cut down to five or even two drops twice a day. Because we are all individuals one must tune into one’s own inner guidance system and listen to their own bodies to feel how much is needed.

In the case of infertility, please do not hesitate to contact me for furtherĀ information as this Essence is taken rather differently in this case and I am more than happy to send you that information directly if this is what you would like help with.
TO ORDER WITHIN AUSTRALIA (price includes shipping):

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TO ORDER OUSIDE OF AUSTRALIA (price includes shipping):

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