Red Grevillia

Red Grevillia

This is one of the most liberating of all the Essences in my personal experience. It’s all too easy to get caught up in what others say or think about us and oftentimes we can go as far as living our lives from others viewpoints rather than from our own without even realizing it.

This can lead to a feeling of stuckness which the Red Grevillia addresses. I have seen huge changes in clients with this one as worrying about what others think seems to be a very common theme.

It also addresses those who are stuck in an unhappy relationship, marriage, a job one may hate. People in this situation know they want change but simply don’t know how to go about it and this is where Red Grevillia steps in and almost miraculously doors begin to open up allowing us to step right through.

This Essence is also for the sensitive types who may perceive criticism where none exists. They can become defensive and easily hurt instead of realizing that we are all individuals who perceive and express reality in different ways.

I’ll write more about this in future posts but in the meantime, I hope this gives some insight into the power that lies within this amazing Flower.
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