Peach Flowered Tea Tree

Peach Flowered Tea Tree

This Essence is for those who suffer from extreme mood swings. One can feel joy one moment then depressed the next. It is also for hypochondriacs or for people who constantly worry about their health. By focusing on ill health these people can often create what it is that they fear. It also helps with boredom. One may start a project full of enthusiasm then drop it just as quickly, this Essence can help you see that project right through to the end.

Peach Flowered Tea Tree also has a balancing affect on the pancreas, the organ which controls blood sugar levels. It also helps to regulate the kidneys which control the amount of insulin that the pancreas can provide. This wonderful Essence brings emotional balance, self confidence, an ability to achieve goals and take responsibility for one’s own health without being preoccupied by it. When combined with She Oak it helps with premenstrual tension.

Helps to develop consistency, drive, stability and commitment to follow projects through to completion. A wonderful Flower Essence that brings emotional balance and stability for those experiencing a difficult time in their life and is also excellent for those experiencing menopause.
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