Fringed Violet

Finged Violet

One of my favorite Essences! This is ‘the’ Essence of protection. Helps deal with shock or trauma of any kind, heals damage to the aura of the body, removes the effects of recent or old distressing events and gives psychic protection to those sensitive souls who pick up on other people’s energies or for those who feel drained by others. It releases shock from the body and helps keep intact a person’s protection by blocking off external energies.

In combination with other Essences, Fringed Violet is very beneficial to those who have suffered abuse or assault. Especially helpful to new born babies who’s aura’s are open after the shock of the birth process. Place seven drops on the baby’s head morning and night. Also helps those who are engaged in other types of therapy by helping to clear old patterns from the past.

Seven drops under the tongue morning and night or if preferred taken in a glass of water.

This 25ml bottle will last for approximately two weeks when taken as prescribed.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or for more information.
TO ORDER WITHIN AUSTRALIA (price includes shipping):
One Bottle

Two Bottles

TO ORDER FROM OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA (price includes shipping):
One Bottle

Two Bottles


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