Flannel Flower

Flannel Flower

Those who do not or cannot express themselves can become ill or depressed. Many people don’t talk about how they really feel preferring to pretend that everything is fine. People ask, ‘how are you today’, and we reply, ‘yes great thanks’, while feeling horrendous inside. Why bother, why pretend we feel good when we actually feel bad?

Many men find it even more difficult to express how they feel having been told as children, ‘Big boys don’t cry’, or ‘You’re the little man of the house and you have to be strong’, as if expressing emotion is something bad or some kind of weakness or something to be avoided. It’s not, it’s natural, it’s normal, it’s human and we humans are ‘Emotional Beings’. I tell people all the time, crying is like peeing, very good for cleansing and detoxifying the body and healing and healthy for letting go of old emotions as well as helping to balance the hormones.

One of the Essences I like to use for this is called Flannel Flower. Flannel Flower also helps those who dislike physical contact, being touched or feel uncomfortable with physical closeness. They don’t like being in crowds and may suffer from agorophobia. Inside they may crave close contact but can’t deal with it. This Essence helps one express themselves physically through dancing or sport as it increases physical energy. It assists with a lack of sensitivity in males, it helps them feel more comfortable expressing their more gentler side.

It helps people express themselves in a more gentle way and makes sharing their feelings much easier. Flannel Flowers helps greatly for those who have been physically abused whether it be rape or some other form of sexual abuse. It can also help if one has been assaulted which can lead to being very wary of people. It helps to heal this trauma bringing trust and feeling comfortable again with physical contact.

On a personal note, having suffered ‘Artists Block’ for some time, I decided it was time for some Flannel Flower to help me ‘express’ myself on canvas. Ten days into the bottle I’m realizing I don’t have enough canvases to express all I want to express!! I’ll post over the next few days what I’ve done so far.
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