Hello and welcome to my website! As a Healer and Tarot Card reader for over twenty years it wasn’t until I arrived in Australia and learned of the power of Flower Essences that my life really changed for the better. I studied hard and did an in depth course with a personal tutor qualifying with a distinction initially to heal myself and my own life which had become debilitated due to an out of date injection I received which stopped all functioning of my hormones at an early age. This led to much mental emotional and physical anxiety. After a decade of searching for something to help me, I came upon the Flower Essences. Things turned around so subtly and so beautifully I felt I simply had to share what I had learned and give others the opportunity to heal their own lives too.

Vibrational medicine is difficult to explain in such a short space however the understanding is that all illness lies within the emotions. We learn to bury our true emotions over time, then our energies become blocked and we can become ill or depressed. The Essences bring to our consciousness that which has become unconscious hence giving space to that which needs to be healed. I am more than happy to help those who need it for any symptom they have whether it’s mental emotional or physical and will create a custom blend made especially for you.

Flower Essences have no contra-indications so are therefore safe for everyone to use and are especially helpful for children and babies.

From my own experience and from what I have observed from my own clients, this truly is nature’s own medicine and I would like to acknowledge and thank the Australian (Ab)Originals for nurturing and preserving this knowledge so that it could reach us and help us to heal and evolve naturally in this modern age.


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