Paw Paw

Paw Paw

One of the fastest acting Essences Paw Paw deals with feelings of overwhelm particularly when it comes to decision making. It strengthens the intuition and activates awareness of the Higher Self therefore helping us find the solutions to all our problems.

When important life changing decisions have to be made many people can feel overwhelmed with responsibility of choosing the best course of action. This Essence is also excellent for those who are studying and trying to integrate new information or ideas especially students coming up to or during exam time. Paw Paw brings calmness and clarity back into one’s life.

On a physical level, Paw Paw is used as a protein digestant and can be combined with Crowea for abdominal disorders or those who do not absorb their food properly.

Please be aware that due to our location in Australia, the initial postal fee is a tad higher than you may be used to, however we have factored in as big a discount as we can if you would like to order a second or third item in the same order. Check the postal rates below for more details or feel free to contact me.

TO ORDER WITHIN AUSTRALIA (price includes shipping):

One Bottle

Two Bottles

TO ORDER OUSIDE OF AUSTRALIA (price includes shipping):

One Bottle

Two Bottles


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