Kapok Bush

Kapok Bush

Kapok Bush is for people who tend to give up too easily, become discouraged to quickly and resign themselves to the fact that whatever it is they are trying to achieve just isn’t going to work. This Essence is for those half hearted souls who tell themselves that a project, something they’d like to achieve or even a piece of machinery is just too hard so they give up and move on to something else or perhaps even nothing else!

This amazing Essence brings perception and an overview of whatever it is they are trying to achieve leading to a willingness to ‘give it a go’!

A friend of mine who’d failed her driving test twice gave up almost a decade ago, she wouldn’t even discuss it. After coming to see me for something unrelated, I felt to give her Kapok Bush. Three weeks later she made an appointment to try again and after a few lessons passed with flying colours! It wasn’t until after she had passed that she came back to see me and told me the story. Such is the power of these Essences!

TO ORDER WITHIN AUSTRALIA (price includes shipping):

One Bottle

Two Bottles

TO ORDER OUTSIDE OF AUSTRALIA: (price includes shipping)

One Bottle

Two Bottles


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