Bush Fuchsia

Bush Fuchsia

Bush Fuchsia has many important applications, one in particular is for those who have learning difficulties, dyslexia or stuttering. It helps to integrate the left and right hemispheres of the brain and most learning difficulties stem from imbalances between these hemispheres. Helps greatly with children who have difficulty putting a full sentence together. It is very fast acting and can help after one single dose.

Helps children who are having a hard time in school integrating information and can make school a more exciting place rather than a depressing one. It makes learning fun and increases student’s confidence. Because it balances the brain it is excellent for helping people get in touch with their intuition and to trust what their intuition is telling them. Particularly helpful for first time mothers who having been influenced by other people didn’t have the confidence to follow their own gut feelings about what is right for their child.

Very helpful for those who spend a lot of time in front of computers, TV or video games where they can feel rather switched off, Bush Fuchsia will help to switch them back on again. When one is ‘switched off’ it’s all too easy to begin to make mistakes.

This Essence is excellent for those who stutter or are nervous about public speaking, it gives courage to speak in public as well as speak out about their convictions or how they really feel. Extremely helpful for auditions, interviews or similar situations where one may have difficulty in communicating their thoughts.
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